Linebarrels of IronLinebarrels of Iron is getting really good! I'm glad I sticked to this show, even after the first few episodes which weren't that good. Anyway, here are the full OP and ED singles to download:

OP single: Kitei no Tsurugi by ALI PROJECT (download here)
ED single: Ame ga Furu by Maaya Sakamoto (download here)

Tracklist for the OP single:
1. Kitei no Tsurugi
2. Nakigara no Onna
3. Kitei no Tsurugi (instrumental)
4. Nakigara no Onna (instrumental)

Trackilist for the ED single:
1. Ame ga Furu
2. Praline
3. Ame ga Furu -without maaya-
4. Praline (1+1)