Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Version ED Single - Bouken Kiroku by Little NonAfter the horrendous Battle Spirits Shounen Toppa Version OP song, GO TO HELL! (Sorry, GO AHEAD), comes the ED theme song called Bouken Kiroku by Little Non. I think there's a mistake and it's actually Little Nun! That would be awesome for a music group! Anyway, you can download the full ED single here...


1. Bouken Kiroku
2. Shinkokyuu
3. Bouken Kiroku (off vocal)
4. Shinkokyuu (off vocal)

4/10 So is the ED better than the OP? Hardly... Bouken Kiroku is really average (even below average). Neither the singer or the melody of the song has any redeeming qualities. Too bad...
Check out the ED: