Inazuma Eleven OPTwo weeks ago I reviewed the Inazuma Eleven ED song, which was a really fun song. Well now, it's time to take a look at the Inazuma Eleven OP theme song, Tachiagariyo by T-Pistonz.
You can download the full song here.

5.5/10 Tachiagariyo is a very funny sounding song. It has nice fun beat with cool trumpets und whistles, and sounds indeed like a soccer song (a latin-american soccer song with japanese lyrics LOL!). It also reminds me of the song Samba de Janeiro by Bellini, well at least the beats and whistle sounds and especially when they start yelling Rio, Rio in the middle of the song... But even though it's a fun song, I'm still not a big fan of the melody and the singer's voice... The guy sounds like a mentally challenged clown! What do you think??

Check out the OP sequence:

And here's the very funny PV: