Joe HisaishiAfter the Ultimate Yuki Kajiura Piano Sheet Collection, it's time for the Ultimate Joe Hisaishi Piano Sheet Collection (223 sheets to be exact!). I've been gathering these for some years now, and I can say without hesitation that these are the best anime piano sheets out there. First of all, Joe Hisaishi's songs are timeless and just beautiful. Second, most of these sheets are the original piano sheets, and none of the transcribed stuff that isn't as good and generally over-simplified.


That's why my favorite sheets in this collection are the ones from Hisaishi's piano albums (Piano Stories, Encore, Etude...). They're just wonderful to play and a couple of the songs in these albums are either from the Miyazaki movies or from the Kitano movies. So I would advise anyone to start with these sheets before venturing to the other stuff... My favorite songs to play are Innocent (Laputa), The Wind Forest (Totoro), Ashitaka and San (Mononoke), Fantasia (Nausicaa), Sixth Station (Spirited Away), Friends (Porco Rosso), One Summer's Day (Spirited Away)...

In this collection you will find songs from:
  • Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind OST
  • Laputa: Castle in the Sky OST
  • My Neighbor Totoro OST
  • Kiki's Delivery Service OST
  • Porco Rosso OST
  • Princess Mononoke OST
  • Spirited Away OST
  • Howl's Moving Castle OST
  • Joe Hisaishi meets Kitano Films
  • Piano Stories I
  • Piano Stories II
  • Piano Stories III
  • Piano Stories IV
  • Encore
  • Etude - A Wish to The Moon
  • My Lost City
  • Parasite Eve OST
  • Le Mecano de la General OST
  • Pretender