Back in January, I did a piano cover of Fairytale, the kalafina theme song for the sixth Kara no Kyoukai movie. A month ago I received a message on my Youtube Channel from xFukairix telling me she had made a cover of Fairytale using my piano cover. I felt very honored that someone would use one of my piano covers to do a cover of their own, especially one this good! So thank you very much xFukairix for the lovely cover version of Fairytale, and if someone ever wants to use one my piano tracks to record a song, you're welcome! All I ask in return is that you mention my blog in the video description...

Download the mp3 version of my Fairytale piano cover here.

9/10 I really enjoyed listening to xFukairix's version of Fairytale! Her voice is really amazing and pure. It's a really hard song to master, but she managed to do a pretty good job. Her pronunciation is perfect, and despite some places where her voice is a little out of tune, her singing sounds very professional. I can't wait to hear more anime song covers from her.

In the meantime check out her version of Fairytale: