Boom Boom Satellites
Since Xam'd is finally getting a TV broadcast version, there'll be a new OP theme song, but fear not, it is also by Boom Boom Satellites. Their previous OP for Xam'd entitled "Shut up and explode", was one of my favorite OP songs from the past season (Check out my review here). The new song is called "Back on my Feet" and the single is coming out the first of July.

Download the TV version of "Back on my feet" here.

9/10 By the looks of it, "Back on my feet" is as good or maybe even better than the first Opening song. Can't wait to hear the full version. In any case, even the TV version is nothing short of amazing!! Boom Boom Satellites have a unique sound and style, and this song is a good example of their awesomeness. I can't stop listening to their latest album EXPOSED, which is brilliant. Thank you Erias for making me discover this new Boom Boom Song!

Check out the awesome video sequence for the new OP: