I haven't posted for such a long time, I'm so sorry. I've had so many other occupations lately, that I didn't have the time nor the will to write anything on my blog... But today, I felt it should be time to write a post to celebrate the arrival of the Xam'd: Lost Memories OST 1 & 2 (Bounen no Xamdou). Since I finished watching the series back in February, I have been desperately waiting for the awesome soundtrack by Michiru Oshima to come out! I also did a cover song on the piano of one of the wonderful songs from the OST.

Today I've been able to listen to the 2 Bounen no Xamdou OSTs thanks to Gameurs who uploaded the OST.

Download the full Bounen no Xamdou OST 1 here!

Download the full Bounen no Xamdou OST 2 here!

Tell me what you think about it! And check out my piano cover and the original song after the jump!